Even wrecked vehicles have value; do you want to know how much? Call our team and let us talk about it. We offer cash for cars up to $15999, amount more than the worth you probably think about your car.

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Car Removal Melbourne is the leading Scrap car and used car Removal Company in Melbourne. We are more than glad to serve our clients at times most convenient to them (to you). Our reliable staff will take care of all your time worn, wrecked, damaged, and unwanted vehicles that are just taking up your garage space. Worst condition, fade up, dead or running as long as complete, your car will be accepted. We will help you get rid of your vehicle seamlessly and quickly. The best thing, you will have the chance to earn as much as $15999.

We Service:

Why Choose US?

There are countless car removal companies operating in Melbourne, so what will be the difference when you choose our Car Removal Melbourne Company. We will admit that there is nothing extra special about us but we can guarantee that our clients will receive the best possible service they deserve. Our courteous and polite staff can arrange a reliable and prompt collection at the time that best suits you. They will make sure that every client will experience a seamless transaction.

If there are any ambiguities along the way or you cannot clearly comprehend something about our service, our team will willingly answer your questions. Our team are knowledgeable and has been working in this field for years, so you can trust them with any of your car removal related queries and concerns. Moreover, with strict trainings, no problem is too complicated or too small for our team to tackle.cash for van

Car Removal Melbourne upholds the highest level of professionalism and is committed to providing outstanding service. It may only be about selling your old, wrecked cars but we believe that this business also requires utmost professionalism. The service offered should also be at its best. Our team is striving to be the most reliable car removal company that you can count on at all times.

We Buy Cars of All Ages, Makes, Models, and Conditions

Whether you have wrecked Ford, used Nissan, Accident ford, salvaged BMW, scrap Subaru, rusted-out Suzuki, flooded Kia, Trucks, Vans or something else, our team will help you get rid of the vehicle immediately in exchange for some cash. Just get in touch either via phone or through filling out the given form. We are Melbourne’s leading car wreckers and offer instant cash for cars for all types, makes and models of cars.

Car Removal Melbourne expert team will be immediately deployed to your location, anywhere in Melbourne to offer cash for cars. We remove unwanted junk, vans, and scrap cars absolutely FREE of charge. We do not care about your car condition; we remove unregistered or registered, without or with title vehicles out of your premises.

We have the Right Machinery and Tools

Having sufficient knowledge is not enough. It is also of paramount importance for a removal company to have the appropriate tools and machinery. We understand that different vehicle requires a different level of handling. Thus, our team invests into technologies, machinery, and tools that will make the removal process easier and seamless. Whether you have over sized wrecked truck or small van, we will remove it without leaving you any damage. This also means less overhead for the team.

We Uphold Transparency

Numerous cash for cars or car removal companies in Melbourne have lot of hidden gotchas. Even small fees may make the selling the wrecked or rusted car less profitable. Car Removal Melbourne ensures that there will be no administration fees, towing charges, etc. We are just after purchasing vehicles and guaranteeing fast car removal without any fuss.

Few Reminders to our Dear Clients

Our team will arrive at your location as fast as possible upon request (the arrival time may vary depending on the road conditions and the like but we will make sure to do our best to be on time). However, before our team arrives, we recommend that vehicle owners should:

  • Check the vehicle thoroughly. Make sure all the personal stuff are removed prior to the free car removal service.
  • Remove the plate numbers. If you find it hard to remove, kindly ask our courteous truck drivers to help or remove those for you.
  • To make the process faster, please ensure that your vehicle is in the accessible position.

With Car Removal Melbourne, You Deserve the Best Cash Rate for your Vehicle

Some of you might not be thinking about the cash rate for your car. If this is your first time to sell your car, you probably are not yet familiar with the cash rates for cars. Although your car is already wrecked, it does not mean it should also cost less. We do not only aim to offer fast car removal service, we aim to give you the best possible rate for your car. Let us call it a fair deal. We can offer up to $15999! The cash will be given on the spot. If you have found a preferable or cheaper price in the market, kindly get in touch.

Let Your Garage be Free from Wrecked or Damaged Vehicles, Immediately Call our Experts.

Our reliable and friendly members are always active to accommodate any call or request for car removal. We will be more than glad to hear from you. If you feel the need to sell your car for cash, do not hesitate to call Free Car Removal in Melbourne at 0405 051 142.

Many vehicle owners have already benefitted from our services; you can be the next one to reap the benefits of choosing us. Promise, we will give the fastest possible free car removal in Melbourne and pay you with the best possible rate. What are you waiting for? Sell us your old cars now!

At Car Removal Melbourne, we offer only the best you deserve.